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Clients & Campaigns

Betsy DeJesu communications
Clients & Campaigns

Betsy DeJesu communications
Clients & Campaigns

Here are just some of the books I have had the pleasure of working on as well as a sample of the publicity secured for each client and campaign. More books and authors can be found below. 

More clients & campaigns....


The Battle to Do Good by Bob Langert   


Sacred Liberty by Steven Waldman (A Shreve Williams Project)           


   White Working Class (paperback edition) by Joan Williams   


Pocahontas the English Boys by Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Out of the Silence by Eduardo Strauch (A Shreve Williams Project) 

Watchdog by Richard Cordray  (A Shreve Williams Project)    

The World Turned Upside by Clyde Prestowitz (A Shreve Williams Project)   

Running From Bondage by Karen Cook Bell

Saved at the Seawall by Jessica DuLong

Working Backstage by Christin Essin

I'm In Seattle, Where Are You? by Mortada Gzar

How to Argue With a Racist by Adam Rutherford (A Shreve Williams Project)   

Spoon-Fed by Tim Spector

A Silenced Voice by Ingrid & Joachim Wall 



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