"Betsy DeJesu is a brilliant and extraordinarily effective publicist. From the outset, she understood what our book was about and how best to promote it. She thought creatively about press opportunities, took advantage of her extensive network of contacts, and opened doors we didn't even know existed. Equally important, she was reliable, efficient, respectful of our schedule, and quick to respond to any inquiries. It was a true pleasure to work with her. Our book wouldn't have reached nearly as large an audience without her tireless efforts!" 

—Joshua Matz, a constitutional lawyer, the publisher of Take Care, which provides legal analysis of the Trump presidency, and co-author of To End a Presidency

"Betsy was truly exceptional in every regard.  In addition to being a tireless advocate for my book, she understood the market and was able to strategically target our efforts to the correct audience.  Of high importance to me is that Betsy was also very patient with me as a first time author with no experience in the industry--providing me much needed advice and guidance on interviews and op-eds.  I could not have imagined a better experience, and I recommend Betsy with the very highest possible enthusiasm.  I have no doubt at all that my book received far more publicity as a direct result of her efforts.  Wonderful experience!"

—Dr. James C. Zimring, author of What Science Is and How It Really Works

“Betsy is the kind of publicist you want on your team—she’s organized, thorough (turns over every leaf) and communicates well/frequently with all parties. It’s a tough media landscape out there, but Betsy digs deep, harnesses relationships, and adapts to get results. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her on any campaign again!”

—Sarah Falter, Assistant Director of Publicity, Hachette Books

"Betsy DeJesu is an extraordinary publicist. She is tenacious, creative, and on top of every detail. Her work ethic is incredible, and she consistently delivered top-flight results for our books. I cannot recommend her more highly."

—Lara Heimert, Publisher, Basic Books

"I’ve had the honor of working with Betsy in multiple stages throughout my career. When I was an intern she was a thoughtful and welcoming mentor, and I am so grateful to be able to work with her now as a colleague. Betsy is diligent, dedicated, communicative, and incredibly easy to work with. She has a consistently positive demeanor, sharp writing skills, and her years of publicity experience are evident in the incredible results she achieves for her clients."

—Lauren Rosenthal, Senior Publicist, Hachette Books

"Betsy's positive energy, forthright updates and practical approach were all top notch."

Bob Langert, author of The Battle to Do Good

"Betsy DeJesu did amazing work promoting my last book. She worked tirelessly on my behalf, fielding inquiries from a wide range of TV, radio, and print outlets and securing interviews at every place from high-profile programs like NPR’s Fresh Air to small local stations, and everything in between. Reliable and resourceful. I don’t know what I would have done without her." 

Kevin M. Kruse, professor of history at Princeton University, and the author or co-editor of four books, including the award-winning White Flight and One Nation Under God

"Betsy DeJesu is a fantastic publicist and collaborator. She is also one of the most creative people I’ve had the chance to work with in publishing. Most important, the  world pays attention to her books. For authors of serious nonfiction, there is no one better.”

Dan Gerstle, Senior Editor 

"Betsy was an ideal publicist: she was full of ideas of her own and eager to make mine work, extremely well connected, and above all had great judgment. She is a  pleasure to work with, and did wonders for my book." 

Yuval Levin, Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and EPPC’s Hertog Fellow, editor of National Affairs magazine, and author of The Great Debate and The Fractured Republic 

"Betsy is a wonderful colleague and an exceptional publicist. I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand how her close collaboration with expert authors, her deep savvy about the contemporary media landscape, and her energetic, untiring labors produced successful campaigns that brought smart books and serious ideas to large audiences."

Brian J. Distelberg, Editor 

"Betsy DeJesu played an indispensable role in the success of my New York Times bestselling book, Rise of the Robots.  Betsy was able to land reviews in the New York  Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the Los Angeles Times as well as many other publications. She also arranged numerous radio and TV spots,  including an interview on NPR's Fresh Air. All this media exposure was a game changer for the book's trajectory and ultimately led to Rise of the Robots becoming a  bestseller in the United States, and also to over 20 foreign language translations."

Martin Ford, author of Rise of the Robots 

"Betsy DeJesu is simply exceptional. As a publicist, she is tireless, endlessly creative, and knows the media landscape like the back of her hand. As a publishing partner, she is thoughtful, calm, communicative, and always ready with a good cat meme. Any nonfiction author would be lucky to have her on their book."

Leah Stecher, Editor

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