Below are some examples of the kinds of services I provide. Each book is different, though, and that means every campaign is different, as well. I don't believe in the "one-size fits all" approach to publicity and marketing; I believe we work best when we work together to come up with a thoughtful, strategic campaign that is tailored to your project. What you see here can be customized to fit your exact publicity and marketing needs. 


Fees vary based on the specific plan that you choose to pursue.  Drop me a line, and we can chat about all the possible ways we can work together. I'm looking forward to connecting!

FULL CAMPAIGN: PR efforts include:

  • Compile press materials (galley letter, press release, Q&A, talking points, etc.)

  • Follow up on galley mailing regarding status of reviews

  • Follow up on review/media mailing regarding status of reviews

  • Develop pitches and additional materials (excerpt abstracts, Q&A) for off the book page coverage in print and online

  • Collaborate with author on op-ed and original essay ideas, pitch pieces to relevant periodicals and online outlets  

  • Solicit radio interviews to promote the book and establish the author as an expert on his/her given topic

  • Solicit television interviews to promote the book and establish the author as an expert on his/her given topic, as the news cycle dictates

  • Coordinate and advise author on outreach to author’s personal and professional contacts (including social media platform); Collaborate with author to develop additional materials and pitches for off the book page coverage and broadcast interviews, as needed

  • Collaborate with author and publisher and keep all parties  informed about efforts

  • Pitch book events as applicable

RETAINER: monthly fee for at-will PR efforts, such as:

  • Soliciting reviews and off-the-book-page coverage (excerpts, Q&As, interviews, op-eds) in select mainstream periodicals and academic journals and newsletters

  • Soliciting online coverage (blog posts, blog reviews, podcast interviews, op-eds)

  • Soliciting long-format radio interviews

  • Soliciting television interviews, as the news cycle dictates

  • Collaborating with author to leverage their personal and professional contacts to help

  • promote their book to an academic and professional audience

  • Collaborating with author to leverage their social media audience as applicable

  • Soliciting book events, as applicable



  • One-on-one coaching for authors to help enhance their current or anticipated publicity/marketing campaigns

  • Evaluate book proposals for publicity/marketing potential

  • Advise on what level of publicity/marketing effort should be extended to a book/project

  • Develop publicity/marketing plans for potential as well as accepted books/projects

  • Compile and write press materials

  • Research and compile media lists (for galley and/or review mailings)

  • Evaluate and advise on best practices for publicity, marketing, and social media efforts

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